Building Smarter, Safer Cites and Spaces With AI

Transforming Spaces for Safety and Operational Efficiency

Cities and enterprises around the world are using AI to reimagine how their most valuable physical assets and spaces are managed. The combination of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing and frameworks like NVIDIA Metropolis is supercharging a new generation of vision AI applications. These solutions significantly increase operational efficiency and safety across a broad range of spaces—from city streets and airports to event centers and factory floors. 

Building the AI-powered city.

Smart Cities

AI delivers powerful new ways to create more sustainable cities, maintain infrastructure, and improve public areas such as roadways for residents and communities. It all starts with the ability to turn data collected from trillions of sensors and other IoT devices into business-critical decisions with vision AI.
AI is Powering Smart Cities

Automating airports from curbside to tarmac.

Smart Airports

With terminals serving millions of passengers a year, airports must accurately identify and manage incidents as efficiently as possible to minimize disruptions to passengers and airport operations. AI-enabled video analytics solutions transform video cameras from throughout the premises into data-driven insights.
AI Solutions for Airports

Frictionless safety for corporate and educational campuses.

Smart Campus

Experience proactive safety solutions in corporate buildings and educational campuses with Vision AI to enable always-on monitoring and immediate response times to potential concerns.
AI Is Improving On-Campus Safety

Creating AI-enhanced fan experiences.

Smart Venues

Entertainment venues are created for fans to enjoy sports, concerts, and other live events. But they also need to be reliably safe, logistically efficient, and operate with a robust security infrastructure of IoT sensors and cameras to react to concerns in real time.
Explore Solutions for Smart Stadiums

Powering intelligent stores with AI.

Smart Retail

With AI-enabled intelligent stores, retailers are reducing shrinkage, eliminating stockout, and gaining visibility into in-store customer behavior to optimize merchandising. Data from cameras and sensors provides valuable analytics that enable smart decision making, improve operations, and increase efficiency. Additionally, the same infrastructure can be used for a faster customer checkout experience, including fully automated checkout systems.
Discover Smart Retail Solutions

Reinventing manufacturing with AI.

Smart Manufacturing

Automation and monitoring of industrial assets, systems, processes, and environments are increasingly important across manufacturing. Companies are combining AI solutions with IoT sensors to produce the real-time insights needed to create a safer, more efficient workplace.
Take a Closer Look at AI in Manufacturing


End-to-End Solutions—From Data Center to Edge to Cloud

Learn about the AI and HPC hardware, software, and networking solutions for smart spaces. 

  • NVIDIA Metropolis: Platform for AI-Enabled Video Analytics. NVIDIA Metropolis is an application framework, set of developer tools, and partner ecosystem that brings visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety across a broad range of industries. It helps make sense of the flood of data created by trillions of sensors for frictionless retail, streamlined inventory management, traffic engineering in smart cities, optical inspection on factory floors, patient care in healthcare facilities, and more.
  • Bring the Edge Within Reach With NVIDIA Solutions. AI and cloud-native applications, IoT and its billions of sensors, and 5G networking make large-scale AI at the edge possible. Explore the NVIDIA solutions in enterprise edge, embedded edge and industrial edge, all of which transform that possibility into real-world results, automating intelligence at the point of action and driving decisions in real time.
  • Digital Twins and Synthetic Data: Harness the Power of Large-Scale Simulation. With NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise deployed on NVIDIA OVX™, enterprises are developing physically accurate, AI-enabled digital twins. This gives them the superpowers to design, simulate, and optimize products, equipment, and processes in real time before going to production. NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator is a core extension of the Omniverse platform. It letsresearchers and enterprise developers ‌generate physically accurate synthetic data and easily build custom synthetic data generation tools to accelerate the training of computer vision AI models and networks.
  • Build and Deploy Fully Customizable Multilingual Speech and Translation AI Applications. NVIDIA Riva is a GPU-accelerated multilingual speech and translation AI software development kit for building fully customizable, real-time conversational AI pipelines. These include automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and neural machine translation (NMT) applications that can be deployed in clouds, in data centers, at the edge, or on embedded devices. Riva is part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which streamlines development and deployment of production AI.
  • Accelerate the Development of AI Solutions With AI Workflows. AI workflows are cloud-native, packaged reference examples that illustrate how NVIDIA AI frameworks can be leveraged to build AI solutions. With pretrained models, training and inference pipelines, Jupyter Notebooks, and Helm charts, AI workflows accelerate the path to delivering AI solutions.
  • Unlock the Power of Large Language Models for Enterprise AI. Large language models (LLMs) are hard to develop and maintain, requiring mountains of data, significant investment, technical expertise, and massive-scale compute infrastructure. Starting with NeMo’s pretrained foundation models rapidly accelerates and simplifies this process. NeMo LLM service running on NVIDIA AI platform provides enterprises the fastest path to customizing and deploying LLMs on private and public cloud or accessing them through the API service.