Powerful Breakthroughs in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Advance Medicine and Research With AI

Healthcare demands new computing paradigms to meet the need for personalized medicine, next-generation clinics, enhanced quality of care, and breakthroughs in biomedical research to treat disease. With NVIDIA, healthcare institutions can harness the power of AI and high-performance computing (HPC) to define the future of medicine.

Read the Latest Healthcare News

  • NVIDIA AI Microservices for Drug Discovery, Digital Health Now Integrated With AWS。 Easy access to NVIDIA NIM will enable the thousands of healthcare and life sciences companies using AWS to deploy generative AI more quickly.
  • Johnson & Johnson MedTech Collaboration With NVIDIA Aims to Broaden AI’s Reach in Surgery. NVIDIA is working with Johnson & Johnson MedTech to test new AI capabilities for their connected digital ecosystem for surgery.
  • NVIDIA BioNeMo Expands Computer-Aided Drug Discovery With New Foundation Models. Cadence OpenEye, Flagship Pioneering, and Iambic are among the companies adopting NVIDIA AI to propel computer-aided drug discovery and generative AI.

Powering Healthcare Solutions With Accelerated Computing

  • Drug Discovery, With accelerated computing, researchers can virtually model millions of molecules and screen hundreds of potential drugs simultaneously, reducing costs and speeding time- to- solution.
  • Genomics, Using HPC to accelerate genome analysis in population and cancer genomic studies can help identify rare diseases and bring tailored therapeutics to market faster, advancing the journey to precision medicine.
  • Medical Devices, AI-powered tools can serve as an extra set of “eyes,” helping clinicians to quickly detect and measure anomalies, uplevel surgeons' skills, enhance image quality, and optimize workflows.
  • Medical Imaging, AI-powered tools can be an extra set of “eyes,” helping clinicians to quickly read images, calculate measurements, monitor changes, and identify urgent findings to optimize workflows and enhance patient care.