Improve Forecasting. Increase Revenue. Reduce Shrinkage.

Leading retailers are tapping into AI and generative AI to automate warehouse logistics, determine in-store promotions and real-time pricing, enable customer personalization and recommendations, deliver better shopping experiences, and more—both in stores and online.

Discover How the Retail Industry Is Using AI

  • Intelligent Stores. Building smart stores. With AI, retailers are building intelligent stores that reduce shrinkage, eliminate stockout, and offer visibility into in-store customer behavior to optimize merchandising. Data from cameras and sensors provides valuable analytics that enable smart decision making, improve operations, and increase efficiency. Additionally, the same infrastructure can be used for a faster customer checkout experience, including fully automated checkout systems.
  • Omnichannel Management. Delivering seamless customer experiences. Retailers are moving to create a fully integrated shopping experience across multiple touchpoints, including brick-and-mortar, web, and mobile devices. Why? Four in five customers shopping in a physical store browse the internet before or during their purchase decision to compare products and offers. Reversely, customers who make online purchases visit a physical store to get a feel of the product and fit. In fact, 73 percent of customers use more than one channel during a single shopping journey. By harnessing the power of AI, retailers can offer an omnichannel experience that increases cart size and builds brand affinity.
  • Intelligent Supply Chain. Creating smart warehouses. NVIDIA AI and simulation solutions are delivering better-than-ever efficiency and intelligence to the supply chain, ensuring retailers never miss a beat and can meet customers expectations. With intelligent video analytics, robotics, automation, and management, operations become more efficient, process throughput accelerates, and warehouse robots deliver end-to-end visibility, increasing the accuracy of orders picked, packed, and shipped.​