Create a Brighter and Safer Future for the Public Sector

Accelerating innovation with AI.

Reshaping the Public Sector With AI

AI is revolutionizing cybersecurity, healthcare, platform sustainment, digital twins, disaster relief, and more in the public sector. Channeling innovation through NVIDIA GPU acceleration and AI technology makes it possible to turn federal datasets into breakthroughs, enabling government leaders to solve their greatest challenges and build solutions that make communities safer and more connected everywhere.

Discover How the Public Sector Is Using AI

Training and Simulation

Creating more precise training environments.

Lockheed Martin has demonstrated how to reconstruct wildland fire incidents in a 3D space by employing Omniverse Kit, Nucleus, and Universal Scene Description. With reinforcement learning and generative AI, they’re enhancing digital twins for wildland fire management and improving user experiences.

Signal and Radar Processing

Accelerating high-compute applications.

Through a partner network of system integrators, NVIDIA is bringing size, weight, and power (SWaP)-optimized solutions to the federal and aerospace industries. Application libraries like NVIDIA MatX help developers optimize signal processing algorithms for GPUs, and NVIDIA Holoscan streamlines the transition from the lab to the field with accelerated data movement and computing operations.


Instantly identifying and remediating threats.

Spear phishing, a more targeted form of phishing, is very convincing and poses a great risk to government agencies. The NVIDIA Morpheus AI framework can help build accelerated AI pipelines to speed cybersecurity threat detection and detect spear phishing emails with higher accuracy.

Autonomous Machines

Powering real-time, autonomous tasks.

Autonomous drones play a crucial role in search-and-rescue, delivery, and inspection missions. The combination of model-based and machine learning methods, along with low-latency sensors allows drones to achieve unprecedented speed and robustness by relying solely on onboard computing.

Generative AI

Accelerating generative AI adoption in government.

As federal agencies embrace AI adoption, generative AI is redefining what’s possible in the public sector.  Explore how AI can improve government operations, as well as the opportunities and challenges that generative AI presents to the federal government. 

AI for Public Policy

Fueling a new age of innovation.

The U.S. government is partnering with NVIDIA and other leading technology companies to harness the power of AI to solve society’s toughest challenges. From challenges within healthcare and sustainability to cybersecurity and connectivity, NVIDIA technology is helping to accelerate our nation’s growth.