Driving End-to-End Innovation

AI and Accelerated Computing Solutions for the Automotive Industry

automotive solutions offer the performance and scalability to design, visualize, and simulate the future of driving. Create virtual showrooms and car configurators, develop in-vehicle AI assistants, and validate autonomous driving technology—all with AI, Omniverse™, and accelerated computing platforms.

From Design to Self-Driving

Reimagine what’s next—from concept to collaboration to final design.

Design Visualization

Photorealistic rendering empowers designers to take advantage of immersive, real-time, physically accurate visualizations. With NVIDIA RTX™, based on NVIDIA Hopper™ and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architectures, design teams can iterate quickly to explore ideas and bring amazing products to life.

Boost performance with advanced compute, scalability, and reliability.

Engineering Simulation

Designers, engineers, and simulation experts can rapidly analyze and solve complex problems in structural mechanics (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and computational electromechanics (CEM) with GPU-accelerated hardware and software tools.

Create accurate virtual representations powered by Omniverse Enterprise.

Industrial Digital Twin

Physically accurate, precision-timed digital twins are the key to unlocking operational efficiencies for industrial applications such as automotive factory and warehouse design, logistics, and distribution. These solutions deliver enhanced predictive analysis, software, and process automation that maximize productivity and help maintain faultless operation. With NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and NVIDIA OVX™ , automakers can quickly develop and operate complex, AI-enabled digital twins.

Offer photoreal, interactive content for personal retail experiences.

Virtual Showrooms and Car Configurators

As the buying experience migrates from physical retail spaces to online, dealerships need immersive technologies to bring the vehicle to the customer. These technologies make the online car research experience more interactive and bridge the gap between digital and physical. Immersive technologies for the automotive industry include online car configurators, 3D visualizations of vehicles, demonstration of cars in augmented reality, and virtual test drives.

Build intelligent in-vehicle services.

Intelligent Assistants

NVIDIA DRIVE Concierge extends beyond the cockpit, delivering infotainment and gaming, as well as acting as every passenger’s digital assistant. It’s built on core technologies, including the NVIDIA DRIVE™ platform, DRIVE IX intelligent experience software, and Omniverse ACE (Avatar Cloud Engine) to deliver a truly unique user experience.

See how NVIDIA enables smarter software-defined autonomous vehicles at scale.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicles are transforming the way we live, work, and play—creating safer and more efficient roads. These revolutionary benefits require massive computational horsepower and large-scale production software expertise. Tapping into decades-long experience in high-performance computing, imaging, and AI, NVIDIA has built a software-defined, end-to-end platform for the transportation industry that enables continuous improvement and deployment through over-the-air updates.