AI for the Industrial Sector

Enabling new levels of automation, efficiency, and precision.

Powering Industrial Digitalization

Leading industrial companies around the world are implementing NVIDIA technologies for large-scale AI initiatives. GPU-accelerated computing makes it possible to deploy AI at industrial scale, letting you take advantage of vast amounts of sensor and operational data to optimize operations, improve time to insight, maximize yield, and reduce costs.

Reinventing manufacturing—from design to delivery.


Designers, engineers, and analysts need to process massive models so they can innovate, iterate, and solve problems—all at the speed of light. Meanwhile, manufacturers need insights from vast amounts of sensor and operational data to optimize operations, improve time to insight, and reduce costs. NVIDIA GPU-accelerated technology makes it all possible, at scale, from anywhere.
AI in Manufacturing

Enabling advances at sub-nanometer scale.


With the move to smaller technology nodes, the demand for compute cycles in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor manufacturing is rapidly and exponentially increasing. Advanced chip manufacturing requires over 1,000 steps, producing features the size of a biomolecule. Each step must be nearly perfect to yield functional output. To meet this need, accelerated computing and AI have become critical to the semiconductor industry, addressing compute-intensive workloads like logic simulation and verification, physical design, computational lithography, and other mask shop and wafer fab workloads, including inspection and metrology.

Powering next-gen performance, manufacturability, and efficiency.


The commercial success of today’s aerospace industry is driven by product innovation, quality, reliability, and operational efficiency. Accelerated computing is accelerating design cycle times with robust tools for engineering design and simulation, while lowering the total cost of owning and operating high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure.

Revolutionizing agriculture with AI.


By using NVIDIA technologies, farmers can analyze data from diverse sources—such as soil moisture sensors, weather forecasts, and satellite imagery—to make better decisions about crop management, irrigation, and pest control. NVIDIA's AI-powered solutions can also help farmers automate repetitive tasks, including monitoring crops, detecting plant diseases, and analyzing soil conditions. By improving efficiency and productivity, these resources ultimately help farmers increase crop yields and reduce waste, contributing to a more sustainable and profitable agriculture industry.

Driving end-to-end innovation.


NVIDIA’s automotive solutions offer the performance and scalability needed to design, visualize, and simulate the future of driving. Designers and engineers can create virtual showrooms and car configurators, develop in-vehicle AI assistants, and validate autonomous driving technology—all with NVIDIA AI, Omniverse™, and accelerated computing platforms.
AI in the Automotive Industry

See the Real-World Impact

Learn from the industrial leaders using AI to optimize processes, reduce risk, and trim costs.

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Delta Electronics optimizes every part of the factory process before‌ actual production starts using NVIDIA Omniverse™ and the NVIDIA Isaac Sim™ simulation application.

Silicon Volley: Designers Tap Generative AI for a Chip Assist

Semiconductor engineers show how a specialized industry can customize large language models with NVIDIA NeMo™ to gain an edge.

BMW Group Starts Global Rollout of NVIDIA Omniverse

The automaker is bringing the power of industrial AI to its entire production network as part of its digital transformation.