Conversational AI

Accelerate the full pipeline, from multilingual speech recognition and translation to language understanding and speech synthesis.

Conversational AI applications—such as virtual assistants, digital humans, and chatbots—are paving a revolutionary path to personalized, natural human-machine conversations. But they face strict accuracy and latency requirements. With NVIDIA’s conversational AI solutions, developers can quickly build and deploy cutting-edge models that deliver the high accuracy and quick responses needed for real-time interactions.

The Benefits of Conversational AI

Agent Efficiency

Support contact center agents by transcribing their customer conversations in real time, analyzing them, and providing recommendations to quickly resolve customer queries.

Digital Accessibility

Allow people with hearing difficulties to consume audio content and individuals with speech impairments to express themselves more easily.

24/7 Availability

Use chatbots and AI virtual assistants to resolve customer inquiries and provide valuable information outside of human agents' normal business hours.

Engaging Experiences

Offer engaging experiences with capabilities like live captioning, generating expressive synthetic voices, and understanding customer preferences.

Conversational AI Across Industries

Financial Services

Detecting fraudulent activity is critical for any organization in the financial services industry. Chatbots can assist by identifying patterns of transactions made, including amounts and locations, and personalizing interactions. Conversational AI can also be used in agent assistance and transcription of earning calls to increase call coverage.


Contact centers are one of the first things that come to mind when we think of the telecommunications industry. They’re at the heart of any telco business, and conversational AI can advance and accelerate many applications such as agent assist, AI virtual agents, and insight extraction and sentiment analysis.

Consumer Services

Conversational AI improves the consumer services industry, from creating meeting summaries and scheduling follow-up meetings to generating live captioning during virtual meetings. In addition, conversational AI can bring voice commands to smart glasses and generate synthetic human-sounding voices.

NVIDIA Solutions for Conversational AI Applications

Speech and Translation AI

Speech AI technologies include automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS). With the NVIDIA® Riva GPU-accelerated speech and translation AI SDK, you can develop and deploy real-time multilingual models and integrate them into your conversational AI application pipelines.

To get the most out of Riva, use any NVIDIA H100, L4, A100, A10, or T4 Tensor Core GPU. 

Large Language Models

Large language models generate, summarize, translate, predict, and generate content using very large datasets. Typically, these models have billions of parameters. NVIDIA NeMo™ simplifies building, customizing, and deploying generative AI models.