NVIDIA Data Center GPU Resource Center

The NVIDIA data center platform is the world’s most adopted accelerated computing solution, deployed by the largest supercomputing centers and enterprises. Whether you're looking to solve business problems in deep learning and AI, HPC, graphics, or virtualization in the data center or at the edge, NVIDIA GPUs provide the ideal solution. Now, you can realize breakthrough performance with fewer, more powerful servers, while driving faster time to insights and reducing costs.

NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPU
Key Features
> 141GB of HBM3e GPU memory
> 4.8TB/s of memory bandwidth
> 4 petaFLOPS of FP8 performance
> 2X LLM inference performance
> 110X HPC performance
NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU
Accelerate Every Workload,
The NVIDIA H100 is an integral
part of the NVIDIA data center
platform. Built for AI, HPC, and data
analytics, the platform accelerates
over 3,000 applications, and is
available everywhere from data
center to edge, delivering both
dramatic performance gains and
cost-saving opportunities.
NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU
The breakthrough universal accelerator for
efficient video, AI, and graphics.
Accelerate Next-
Generation Workloads
> Generative AI
> LLM inference
> LLM fine-tuning and small-model
> NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise
> Rendering and 3D graphics
> Streaming and video content

Delivering Unprecedented Visual
Computing Performance for the
Data Center

From virtual workstation application to large-scale modeling and simulation, modern visual computing and scientific workflows are growing in both complexity and quantity.
Enterprises need data center technology that can deliver extreme performance and scale with versatile capabilities to conquer the diverse computing demands of these increasingly complex workloads.

Unprecedented Acceleration at Every Scale

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