High-Performance Computing

Accelerating the rate of scientific discovery.

High-performance computing (HPC) is one of the most essential tools fueling the advancement of scientific computing. From weather forecasting and energy exploration to computational fluid dynamics and life sciences, researchers are fusing traditional simulations with AI, machine learning, big data analytics, and edge computing to solve the mysteries of the world around us.

HPC Solutions

Climate AI

Accelerate climate and weather simulations with interactive visualization.

Edge Computing

Improve services and streamline operations with real-time data collection.

Physics-Informed Machine Learning

Build high-fidelity AI models and digital twins across multiple domains.

Quantum Computing

Simulate and accelerate quantum circuits on classical computers.

HPC Industries

NVIDIA GPUs are optimizing over 700 applications across a broad range of industries and domains. See how GPU technology is tackling complex problems and transforming the global research community.


AI and quantum mechanics. Mapping the Earth’s interior and weather forecasting. NVIDIA is powering the world’s fastest supercomputers and HPC systems, giving researchers the power they need to simulate and make predictions about our world.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

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Reservoir simulation and seismic processing. Industrial digital twins. Climate and weather simulation. Grid modernization. NVIDIA HPC is powering a sustainable future for homes and businesses.

Public Sector

Cybersecurity. Disaster response. Humanitarian assistance. NVIDIA HPC is building the technology for our world that will make communities everywhere safer and more connected.

Scientific Computing Workloads

Modeling and simulation, the convergence of HPC and AI, and visualization are applicable in a wide range of industries, from scientific research to financial modeling. These scientific computing workloads allow professionals to do their life’s work in their lifetime, with the help of high-performance computing and NVIDIA GPUs.

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation are used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, scientific research, and engineering, to address real-world challenges.


AI is used in HPC to run large-scale simulations in an accelerated time frame so researchers can advance their science faster.


Scientific visualization is used to analyze large-scale datasets and extract insights from modeling and simulation.

Scientific Breakthroughs

See how developers, scientists, and researchers are utilizing the computing power of NVIDIA HPC solutions across a variety of use cases and scientific domains.

Accelerated Extreme Weather Forecasting With AI

Learn how a pioneer meteorologist is using deep learning to model 320 six-week forecasts in less than a minute.

Fusion Reaction: How AI, HPC Are Energizing Science

Explore how a principal investigator at Lawrence Livermore used machine learning on the world’s fastest systems to catalyze the lab’s breakthrough.

Unlocking Molecular Secrets With HPC at the Edge

Learn how a pioneering researcher at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory illuminated molecular forces with a world-class instrument using AI and HPC at the edge.